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Is there a Sheldon in you?

There is one in me. I'm bother by small things. It bugs me and continue to bug me for some time, especially if it is my mistake and it is so preventable.

We have coping mechanism for big problem. For small, minor problem, the coping mechanism is not trigger, and that is why small problem might have a long lasting effect when compare to a bigger problem.

We forget. And it is a good thing we forget. Problem with Sheldon is, it is his eidetic memory. It is very hard for him to just "forget it".

The other good and bad thing being Sheldon, is how taking credit for something that he didn't deserve bother him a lot. Even if it is for his benefit, he couldn't stand the praise that give him when he doesn't think he deserves it.

A lot of people would like to have praises they don't deserve, that's why they steal credit from other people's work. I wish more people are like Sheldon on this front. Underserve credit should bring shame and embarrassment.

Maybe Sheldon is not that bad after all.