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An Education by Nick Hornby is about a young woman dating an older guy

An Education - Nick Hornby

It is a play.


It is a fast read.


The girl is like any school girls who are into book, speaking French and having an education.


From very tradition family who want her to go to Oxford.

She met a older man, a thief who bring her to Paris.


She met him at 16. Have sex at 17. And wonder what all the education is for, when having fun is more exciting.


With all the books she read, life is about having fun. But there is much more than that.


She didn't see the world with people, with world problems, with inequality and injustice. 


She only know about concert and art and stuff.


She is like a mall rat. Just with more acceptable, so called "higher taste".


is all 16 like that? 


I think I don't dislike the characters. I certainly like Nick Hornby's writings.


I just like the main characters.


I probably prefer her to be a justice fighting, Doctor Who fans than those trained to be pretentious little brat. 


Oh well. 



I don't like the ending. But it make some sense. He was a cheater. He was already married. She quit going to school or the chance to Oxford before she found out. Then she go back to school and go to Oxford. Happy ending. 


Oh well. She is stupid. And her parents are stupid too. 

(show spoiler)



Don't really like this kind of story. Still find it easy and good read probably because of Nick Hornby. 


The end. Good book to take a short trip with. It wouldn't last for a long flight.