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The Spirit level: Why Equality is Better for Everyone

The Spirit Level: Why Greater Equality Makes Societies Stronger - Richard G. Wilkinson, Kate E. Pickett

Less concrete when compare to "The Price of Inequality" but spread the same message in a different way.

Chats and chats and chats that compare why people living in less equality would make them less happy, less trusting. 


Just started on the first 4 chapters, already like it. 


Money mean less for a society when it already well fed. But then you are less happy when you are much poorer than your neighbors. 


Overall, it sucks for all people when society is too unequal. 


The data is kind of boring, but fact is fact. 


It is just not present in ways that get more interesting than looking at charts and statistics. 


But yes, being equal make people feel better about being alive.


And the rich does not suffer just because they feel less pride of themselves. 


The rest of the book is the same, it is not good or bad. For people who are not convince might not be too convince, as it is not "strong" enough tone. But fact is fact, and it is pretty well put together.