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A philosophy (ethic) professor recommended this piece of crap

Many Lives, Many Masters: The True Story of a Prominent Psychiatrist, His Young Patient, and the Past Life Therapy That Changed Both Their Lives - Brian L. Weiss

One of the many reasons I don't trust philosophers, they could believe in all kinds of stupid as fuck bullshit and get away with it, as it is part of human thinking exercise.

That's what philosophy is, opinions and thinking exercise. It put human in the center and ignore the fact that human is just one specie among many. 


They ignore that fact that thoughts is not that important as most thoughts don't really lead to action. 


There are some redeeming factor there, but a few rules have to be set for it to be recognized as "non time wasting".

it has to explain things based on scientific understanding, and not just making words up to explain more make up stuff. It should not contain anything that it cannot prove, like god, ghost, soul, supernatural, or stuff. 


Superego. What's that shit? Just your brain system 1 arguing with system 2. 


This book should not be recommended because it is shit. It is made up stuff. A professor should have known better.