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Guilty pleasure - Lee Child Jack Reacher in Never Go Back

Never Go Back: A Jack Reacher Novel - Lee Child

Oh how I like guilty pleasure books.


Even if I don't think it is the same thing, it must be what it feel like when women who like vampire romance books feel like when they read yet another supernatural being falling in love with a mortal, blah blah blah.


For Lee Child, it is a mystery, Jack Reacher in trouble. He wouldn't know what's going on, as the readers shouldn't know what's going on. 


The clues are here and there.


And we are get into the mind and "body" of Reacher. If he couldn't think it through, it beat it out of someone. 


This time, the breaking fingers to extract wallet is pretty good. I'm against using of actual violence. But if it is fiction, go ahead and do it, as it is the bad guys that would do harm anyway. So, breaking fingers is like harm reduction.



Like the fast moving of action. There got to be a woman in it, or who would have sex with Jack.


I wouldn't mind Jack Reacher to be a bisexual. It would be fun to have him sleep with a guy. 


But that would be too far out of the comfort zone for the current readers, who equate macho with heterosexuality.


I'm only a bit more than half way through the book, and I like it. I stop playing games online, stop watching TV, even stop using my computer just to sit and read last night.


Should do this more often. 


A 5 stars kind of guilty pleasure. 



So why were they in trouble? Who want them out of the way? 


Not so much hand to hand combat in this one. 


The interesting part is the possibility of having a child in one of his sexual encounters. Reacher would have remembered all the women he slept with, but he had been young and drunk before, so things could happen that he wouldn't remember at all.


Like the way the writer play with the idea. I don't think Reacher is against the idea of having a child. He was getting used to the idea of having a child. Just not actively getting one himself by the conventional means. 


Overall, a good read. Another 5 stars. Plus a bonus on short story of Reacher as a young man, teenager. 


Good one.