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Love it. Just saw it in 3D today. 


Angelina Jolie is great in her role. She is majestic and magical. A good mix of mischief and tenderness. 


The story is simple and not so simple. The old way of telling of the story made the fairy sounds so petty. Just that you are not invited to a party would not make you mad enough to curse a baby.


This version make much more sense. Yes, she was betrayed. Yes, it is love and trust and letting her guard down that give the chance of betrayal.


WE might have similar experience of betrayal. Okay, maybe not so much of losing of body parts, but close. 


Once you burned, you might not believe in love, of true love.


Is there true love? People betrayed other people so easily. A lot of jerks and bitches do that all the time, especially to the one who love them.


Overall, a lovely story. That I bought the book. This is the color version. The other version is more dark, and probably more adult. 


Love it.