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Detective story

Bryant and May on the Loose: (Bryant & May Book 7) (Bryant and May) (Paperback) - Common - By (author) Christopher Fowler

If you are a fan of the series, forgive me for not reading the first 6 books and started with no. 7.


Now, where were we. Yes. The detectives in this unit have been shunt and kicked out of their office.


So, the leader, sort of, financed an investigation on two seemingly separate events. 


One, a stag man who wore knifes on his head injured a detective.


Two, a headless body was found in a frig of a premise that going to be opened as a restaurant, 


The headline man killed might take priority. 


Another interesting bit is that a separate body was found with the same identity. 


Half way through the book and it is still a mystery to me.


Interaction between characters, a bit confusing to a new comer like me.


But we get it. 


The stag man is linked to a controversial land development somewhere near King's Cross. 


Not drawing me in yet. But I would keep reading. It is not a bad read. Just so much things going on without giving us enough clues.


Or I'm too thick and not used to the hints the writer is giving me.


Either way. Interesting. 


Well, who is doing the folk tale of a story. 

Almost getting to the end of the story.


The sideline of a young PC wanting to date an older coworker is kind of cute.


But the main of the story is so in the fight between preserving history and over-development of city.


It is about property right, that triggered a burglary that lead to murder persons.


No know the outcome yet. Getting to know the characters a bit better now. And getting use to the narration. 


Might check out other books in the series.