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Nighthawks by Edward Hopper
Nighthawks by Edward Hopper

Is art like book that could be judged and reviewed?


If art is to be consumed and admire beside the one who own the art, should it be reviewed the same way?


This piece of art is being exhibit at Art Institute of Chicago.


So, it is in display to the public.


Should we see it and say why we like it? 


Painting is different from photograph even after photoshop. Even after we invented software, brush stroke is hard to imitate in digital, or at least take a different set of skill. 


I like it for the mood which is like a place where it is quiet, with few people bother. It is private while being in public. 


It is also from another age. I942 is not too long ago. But long enough to have people dressed differently. 


It is a projection of emotion that make it better? Or am I reading too much? 


Overall, a 5 stars.