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The Greatest Show on Earth: The Evidence for Evolution - Richard Dawkins Free Will - Sam Harris

Richard Dawkins on free will. 


This is interesting take on free will. 


Lawrence Krauss take on that we human act as we have free will even if we don't have it. Because decision making is hard to be traced down the the origin. 


The combination of that is, we don't have free will per say, but we human have good in making choices and decisions that are, even without free will, still make fair amount of good decisions and choices. 


Why we use this shampoo over another, with relatively similar ingredients and similar price? I don't know. Words triggered different reaction from different people and that are what brands try to figure out what make us prefer certain things. 


But as persons, we have free will to "not act out our instinctive badness". Push persons out of our way, run in busy street when we are late, take advantages of other persons to get ahead. Most of us do this because we hold ourselves to be good person and we do what we think is right.


That's not free will. But it is a will to be good that make us make good decision most of the time. 


More coming.