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Incognito: The Secret Lives of the Brain - David Eagleman

Perception is a television series on a neuropsychiatrist who do lectures in university and also helped the FBI in solving crime.


The interesting part is that the main character Daniel Pierce played by Eric McCormack, who has mental disorder of schizophrenia. 


It helps, maybe, put a more positive light on people who are suffering from mental illness but are currently medicated and managing the disease and still lead meaningful life.


Another good stuff about this is the consultant on board, David Eagleman, a real life neuroscientist who also wrote the popular science book "Incognito: The Secret Lives of the Brain". 


The book is for beginner, which many reviews stated that it does not contain enough "meat" to encourage the readers who already know the basic.


It is hard to read this after reading Steven Pinker, so this one has to wait a long while. 


Back to the TV series Perception.


I like it a lot because it got bits from Incognito and it is not some half-ass theory blowing out of the writers' ass. 


I like the fact that goes with the show. Presenting false information should be an offence that television shows that did that would get a penalty for not doing enough research or not hiring the right persons to be their consultant. 


I don't watch a lot of TV for that reasons. Plus there are just too many books waiting for me.