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The Perks of Being a Wallflower - Stephen Chbosky

Child sex abuse and mental breakdown of a teenager is the most memorable scene.


Charlie played by Logan Lerman in the movie make me changed my mind about this movie and probably the book as well.


Teenagers who blamed themselves for what happened in the world around them are more likely to be depressed and harm themselves. They are good people who take too much responsibility onto themselves.


Teenagers who blamed the world for their shit in their lives are more likely to be acting out in angry, destructive.


Some teenagers are both. But most are self blame type that need our attention. Because they would try their very best to act normal around other people, to not add more trouble to other people.


Another book that is on my list. 


One more scene. http://youtu.be/dyGY_IBFSNg


I like that because Charlie stand up for his friend.