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Dexter in trouble in Double Dexter

Double Dexter - Jeff Lindsay

Dexter inspired the story and created the character, a serial killer we (Dexter fans) came to love on screen. 


The story moved along very quickly. Someone witnessed Dexter's hobby. This someone is a killer himself. This someone is toying with Dexter, trying to out him, framing him for murder.


So, in the book, he still living with Rita and 3 kids. And he has a daughter who is very baby smart. The two kids are monsters, aka little Dexter.


The brother Brian is still alive and cynical and still willing to help out Dexter. The sister Deb has a baby boy of her own. This is so good that all things are going well except that he was seen chopping up a child killer and was hunted. 


The ending is kind of sweet. He didn't get to kill this horrible person Shadow guy but something I like better did. 

Good one. Like it a lot.