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The Fault in our Stars (the movie)

The Fault in Our Stars - John Green

"It's okay."


I think I couldn't help but be tearful throughout the movie.


It is about kids dying of cancer, and used this very little time to find love, to get angry of being sick, to lost their virginity, and turned the limited time to feel luck to be in loved. The shared time is like infinity if you let them.


It is about adults who are watching their children living and dying of cancer. But they are not dead yet. And life goes on with hospital trips and books, and staying positive.


Life goes on after they die, and the parents lived through pain are going to continue living on.


I like Gus a lot. He is sweet and want so much in life. I like Hazel who have an understanding and maturity about dying. 


I keep hoping to see John Green appear in the cut-out scene. Anyway, it is as good as the book and if you like the book, you will probably love the movie.

Stay behind also for the song by Ed Sheeran. Love that song.


5 stars. I still like zombies but this is probably the few movies I like without zombie, aliens, fighting or killing, if you discount the persons killed by cancer. 


 Footage of John Green found. http://youtu.be/GV3X0BOS8VE