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Journey into space by Tobby Litt

Journey Into Space - Toby Litt

Not your average sci-fi book. It is not about space, it is about those who are on board.


There is a lot of lacking in the book. No science stuff.


So what it is about.


This is about the third generation human who grandparents decided it is a good idea to live the rest of their lives on a space ship and let their children stuck there as well.


Third generation, no memory of Earth except images of Earth. Bored out of their mind. Cousins fall in love and have a baby.


And he is mentally handicapped. It is implied. There is a chance of abnormality but not a must.


The two cousins were punished by not able to see each other. 


Are human that cruel?


The Orphan became captain. And he have three wives.


People are free to do what they want, and incest happened. 




I think the writer want to do a mental exercise to see how far we could go on space exploration. Knowing that there would be human implication beside technological ones.


For that, it is fine.


But it is a bit too simplistic. The two cousins didn't fall in love again. Why not? How long people are going to hold a grudge in so close a space?


Did I mentioned that the Earth was destroyed? OK. That's happened.


A few disappointing points beside the human didn't act human enough. There is a mention of god in the book. Fuck that. If human are building long range space craft to colonizing other planet, human would have gotten rid of that nonsense long ago. Morality is a balance between interest and individual rights.


Not really great. But a good try. 

I judged this a bit too soon before finishing the last chapter.


OK. Something major changed.


Three, the daughter of Orphan, was raped by her admirer Chang, raped by Chang and later, stabbed by Chang in his creepy pursue. Chang is like all other stalker who turned violent without getting what he want. Yup. Jerk.


Then there is a second rape by Three nephew, who found her to be a god. 


Hate that. When stupid yet popular people had a stupid idea and turned it into a religion, it attracted other stupid people. Most people who are into religion are really fucking stupid, but they are seems to be in the majority among the population of this book.


So, they found a religion that don't allow sex and the last remaining human are going to go extinct because of that.


Did I mention religion is fucking stupid? Yes it is. And it is well illustrated in this book. 


OK. Someone else found this religion stupid and stayed away. 


Add a half star just for making that point. 


Another point is added to allow religion leader behave close to reality when they have power. Nephew allow non believer to choose ejection into space, starvation or conversation, just like the religious fuckheads in real life who have power. 




A surprised and not so surprised ending. Religious fuckhead would only destroy lives. That's seems right.