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This is so good. Have to put it somewhere to play it again. 

Luka Sulic
-Music Academy in Zagreb 2005
-Master Degree with Mats Lidstrom at the Royal Academy of Music in London in 2011.

Stjepan Hauser
-undergraduate studies with Natalia Pavlutskaya in London

-postgraduate studies with Ralph Kirshbaum as a Dorothy Stone Scholar at RNCM in Manchesterand with Bernard Greenhouse in USA.

These two young men are master of cello and have won lot of competition. They are talents and extremely gifted in music. They are serious about their music but want to have fun and want to get their music to a wilder audience. 

They have proved themselves already. It is really strange to see them get interview being treated like young kids. They are young but these are grand masters themselves if not for their age.