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Immorality in the possibility of an Island by Michel Houellebecq

The Possibility Of An Island - Michel Houellebecq

A curious and wonderful book. This is best read by those who like to think of philosophy and how a human could be if he is being regenerated after each end of life.


It is a journal of Daniel 1 and his successor no 24 and 25. 


An indie film producer who understand, in his own way, human being. Especially about how man who kind of exploit the human desire and his common factor. He is a comedian, and he wrote scripts. Yet, he couldn't escape his own failing of the body. He was then, by chance, witnessed a start of a new religion. A religion that based on a joke while the founders was high. Yet people are stupid enough to believe in anything. So, they got money enough to do research to human cloning. Not from an embryo but a young adult form.


The premise is interesting enough. Michel deliver, like a modern philosopher who is not afraid of getting an idea and bring it to its possible conclusion.


I like this book and have less than a hundred pages to go. This has been sitting on the to read pile for too long.


Enjoy. If you read any other of his work, you know what you would expect from the brillant writer.

I like the ending too. 

The neohuman were living in isolation to contemplate on things. Very Zen lifestyle, with Buddhism blend into it.

Yet that life is no life. Without actually experience, contemplate is boring and empty. 

I always find Buddhism bullshit and empty. And obsess over one inner thought. I also have similar opinion on some of persons who like to talk philosophy. 

This a good book. A book on philosophy of life and it is hopeful in term of love.


Cynical yet wanting love.