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August Book a Day #24: Best Biography/Autobiography

Firelight of a Different Colour: The Life and Times of Leslie Cheung Kwok-wing - Nigel Collett An Appetite for Wonder: The Making of a Scientist - Richard Dawkins The Fry Chronicles - Stephen Fry I Am Malala: The Girl Who Stood Up for Education and Was Shot by the Taliban - Christina Lamb, Malala Yousafzai Hitch-22: A Memoir - Christopher Hitchens The Missionary Position: Mother Teresa in Theory and Practice - Christopher Hitchens Wish You Were Here: The Official Biography of Douglas Adams - Nick Webb

Christopher Hitchens, Richard Dawkins, Stephen Fry Malala and Leslie Cheung. 


I could have added Long Walk to Freedom, but I just got it and haven't read it yet.


Christopher Hitchens, great read on himself and how he become who he is as a witty man with pen. (Or keyboard)


I added Christopher take on the con woman Teresa as well. Good read.


Richard Dawkins, he is funny and it is fun to see how shy he is really as a person. Talking about his personal life is kind of like asking as shy person to speak publicly. He could do it, but if he could help it, he would only tell you things that he is comfortable to talk about. He married twice. He only mentioned he was married for the first time, but failed to mention how he date his first wife. 


I like of like the way he is now and accept that there are details he is not likely to share with the rest of the world. .

Stephen Fry, he didn't get all the fact correct as Hugh has pointed out, but who cares.

Leslie Cheung. No one write about him in this among of details. It is a treat.

Malala is still a young woman who didn't know much of the world. But her world is being interrupted by a bullet. A bullet that meant to kill her because she dare to oppose to the "moral" of religious men of her town. Religious persons, when apply externally, fucked up people life. Religion is bullshit. And she was almost kill, and her friend got shot, because according to this fucked up religion, girls have no educational right.

Glad she survived. I hope she lost her religion too. Or she might support Sharia in UK, or some shit like that that make me decrease my hope for humanity. 

Douglas Adams, how we all missed him. Thank you for bringing us the joy of your writing. 

These are my picks.