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Wolf Gift is a woof sleep

The Wolf Gift - Anne Rice

Anne Rice was a pretty good writing vampire stories.


Now, coming to wolf man, I'm expecting a juicing story. 


No. Not happening.


There is no plot. 


Nothing much is happening. 


The only interesting part of the wolf man is him being unusually handsome and take selfie when he changed to man wolf. 


He had a girlfriend, but he cheated on her without a second thought.


And his girlfriend cheated with his best friend without much of an apology.


So detached.


No tension there.


He met a new woman in his wolf form. And within minutes they met, they have sex.


Why oh why. 


No plot. You kind of like the wolf man as he is normal handsome guy working for a newspaper.

That's about it. 


He didn't feel his remorse of killing bad guys. 


The added plot between him and his fucked in the head by Jesus brother. Again, wasted paragraphs. 


No good. The ending is just a summary wrap up.


No tension. 


Not recommended if you are not a werewolf fan or Anne Rice fan or have a lot of time reading things that is not that interesting.