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A Hunger game wannabe but failed miserably

Divergent - Veronica Roth

Try reading "Profession" by Issac Asimov, that is probably where this shit writer got the idea from.


I do know it turned into a movie. So what? It is a shit book by a shit writer, seeing the success of hunger games and want to sell her shit too.


No. It is not that good. And I'm no fan of Hunger games.  

It is about aptitude test and someone who want to change the "group" she is born into. 

This writer hate Erudite, which represent atheists, scientists, and good people.  And she sided with the shitty Abnegation, the "stupid as shit" group that had god delusion.


Why? Because she is a religious deluded of the fucking shit Christian kind. 

This kind of make me dislike the book even more. 

This is a note to self. Don't be attracted to "pretty book cover". It is a book by shit writer, so no need to waste my time on it.


The end.