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Pyramids by Terry Pratchett is a great read even if you have no interest in pyramids

Pyramids - Terry Pratchett

What is it about?

Terry takes the bullshit of "magical property of pyramids" bullshit and lead it to take on real effects in his story.

It is a joyful ride. You don't really know where you ended up with, especially if you are on a camel's back.


It is that kind of a story. The key character is a prince who turned into a king after the accidental suicide of his king father.


I like the way the prince want to be an assassin and trained for it. 


OK. Too much spoiler. But it is a story that might jump around a little. But as it is such a fast read, you wouldn't notice it that much.


Go read it. 


Yes, there are bit of mummy come back to the living world. Gods are there too fighting each other. And sexy women dress in near nothing.


A laugh out loud book. So don't read this in a fancy restaurant. 


I got the new library hard cover version on sale. It get a different feel to it, as if it is a much more serious book than it is.