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As for the Merlin BBC series, I watched it .


I like part of the series, the love between Arthur and Merlin.


I dislike Arthur and Gwen. There is no chemistry between them and Gwen sucks as a character. She is seen only as a love interest of Arthur because Merlin didn't reveal himself for who he is, the one who care and risk his life for Arthur time and time again.

So, it is just dislike it so much that Arthur paid any attention to Gwen at all. She has not demonstrate any respect or love for Arthur. She acts like a teenager who like a teenager love throb. It just didn't work.


I want Arthur to pick another woman who at least could have some fun with him, than having this sour face Gwen. 


Well, of course, most fans would prefer Arthur to be with Merlin. No doubt about it.