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Chris Colfer writing children book 2: The Enchantress Returns

The Enchantress Returns - Chris Colfer, Brandon Dorman

The most interesting part of the book is the twin. The magical Alex and Conner. It is more like a sister, brother going on an adventure story.


In book two, their mom got kidnapped and they are out into the storyland to find her.


The plot is funny at time, but obviously targeted at a younger audience, with a lot of familiar characters children grow up with.


It got a more innocence feel to this children land. No one complain about there is no WiFi coverage in the magical garden. Or missing texts from friends. 


Alex and Conner are more concentrate on what's at hand and their focus are on finding their mother.


I think children would enjoy this. Adult would enjoy it too if they don't mind that all characters are kind of too straight forward.