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Neil Gaiman and Amanda Palmer have similar concept of bookstores as I see bookstores.


I do not shop online for books, on principle.


Bookstores would introduce to me books that I might not heard of, or think of reading. This human to book or human to human interaction inside the bookstores are valuable book readers experience.


I think I spent at least 15% of interaction with books in a bookstores, the rest 85% of reading books. That mean I spent around 15% of reading time just trying to find something to read.


That's interesting. And that mean I got out of my reading genre or favorite writers, into an unknown territory of the book world.  Writers that were famous or not famous, are equally important when they are all lined up on the bookshelves inside the bookstore.


I don't shop Amazon at all. The empire that destroyed GR should not get any money from me.


I know the persons working at my local bookstores. They know that what kind of books I like, and would "alert" me when new arrival finally arrived.


Neil idea is to have local writer worked in a local bookstores for a day. That's like adoption experience.  I think it is a good idea. I would see if it works for the shops I know.


Good one.