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Story about really big shark Megalodon

Meg - Steve Alten

People are curious about the deep. 


With water that deep, there is enough unexplored space for really big shark? 


Not really. There is no real ocean barrier for shark from the deep to swim to the surface for food. Food is a very big motivator especially when one is hungry. So that explanation of why this type of Megalodon has not been spotted yet for so long does not make sense. Plus the deep does not offer enough food for shark that size to survive. Natural selection would want this large species to mutant, dwarf gene would be a good solution for a non food rich environment. 


But that story is about a man who try to find out more about this shark because someone asked for his help. Plus his ex-wife is involved because she thought this is a big story. 


A lot of human mistake based on human arrogant lead to disaster. The rest of the story is just trying to survive this thing. Someone want to kill it while other recognize right away that it is on the protected, thought to be extincted. 


Shark swim and eat. And it is not a picky eater really. 


As this is made into a movie and I'm a sucker for any movie that feature shark, still have a big chance to watch this. Shark is a poor animals that were eaten by stupid humans as soup. 


3.5 stars read. I have listen to the audiobook and it is pretty good. 


Reading this for Fear for Drowning deep square. 




Post apocalypse story without much drama

MaddAddam (MaddAddam Trilogy #3) - Margaret Atwood

No action. No drama. No tension. No likable characters. 


The story is not going anywhere or letting us in to any secret at all. 


What is the point? 



Related image


I really don't see the point. The imaginary of the story is fine. And the dumbing down for the new humanoids storytelling is cute in the first time. OK with the second, and boring ever since. 


Humans would not stop being engineers just because other humans are not there anymore.  


If I could stop my self from buying this book, I would. It is hard cover copy and it is big and heavy. 


Nice cover design. That's why I should stop shopping books like I shop for clothes. 


Read the first one. Skip the rest. 


3 stars. just for the writing. 


Reading this for Terrifying woman square.


Reading progress update: I've read 201 out of 390 pages.

MaddAddam (MaddAddam Trilogy #3) - Margaret Atwood

The human has almost be wiped out with just a few humans left. It is from the humans who have done that and this is from the first book.


As a third and concluding book of the series, it is a bit disappointing. 


The humanoids are there with genetic design to be child like We know that already. The human Toby and human Zeb are there also. 


The writing is good. The problem is, nothing really happen so far. The humans are like those who have survived a extinction event. They just survived and not much else. There is no tension, or action. The story was told to these child like humanoids because like children, they want a simple story before bedtime. 


Image result for What is the point?


After 200 pages, still not finding it. 


Reading this for the Terrifying woman square 


Reading progress update: I've read 200 out of 432 pages.

Meg - Steve Alten

Not my usual cup of tea.


Reading this because there is a movie and there is a chance that I'm going to see this one. 


Always like sharks movie. So much fun.


Plus it fits quite well for fear of drowning deep square. 


Not bad. It is about a really big and thought to be extincted shark type found in the deep sea. 


It is horrifying. But not that logical that it would happen as there aren't enough food for it to survive without surfacing. 

Teens stopping the Doomsday machine

Day of Doom - David Baldacci

Amy and Dan are from a family of heroes and they are fighting a group the enemies who want to start a doomsday machine. 


Feel more like a Nickelodeon TV series. With all the main characters under 16 and few adults who act responsibly. 


Amy is the leader, with a younger brother Dan, they want to stop the bad guy and rescue the hostages. 


The villain also a woman with two kids who have switch side. Ian is now working with Amy to stop his mother. 


Dan was being fooled into leaking information. Other who had betrayed them before come to their senses and worked for the right side.


The part about the Earth magnetic polarization is fun. It is not a disaster as Earth would do it all by itself through time. 


Nice action adventure for kids. With laugh out loud parts. Good fun read for kids. 


4.5 stars. 


Reading this for Halloween bingo




2018 US National Books Award (non fiction)

One Person, No Vote: How Voter Suppression Is Destroying Our Democracy - Carol Anderson Ph.D., Dick Durbin The Indian World of George Washington: The First President, the First Americans, and the Birth of the Nation - Colin G. Calloway Directorate S: The C.I.A. and America's Secret Wars in Afghanistan and Pakistan, 2001–2016 - Steve Coll Brothers Of The Gun: A Memoir of the Syrian War - Marwan Hisham, Molly Crabapple, Molly Crabapple American Eden: David Hosack, Botany, and Medicine in the Garden of the Early Republic - Victoria Johnson The Tangled Tree: A Radical New History of Life - David Quammen

Noticeable books. Added and edit this post later.


A book within a book

Magpie Murders - Anthony Horowitz

The way it is set up is pretty clever. 


There is a crime writer who had sent his latest manuscript to the editor. The editor is reading it with the reader. 


On the 60% of the book, it stopped. The final chapters are missing. 


So the editor in the book starts to find out the chapters. In the meantime, the writer died, suspected of suicide. 


The way the book setup is good. The problem is, I don't really care much for the characters. The supposed crime book, is about an aging detective and his young sidekick on a case where a housekeeper was found dead. And then a week later, her employer was murdered. 


It read like a BBC mini-series, a period piece with horse driven carriage and women with hats. 


The bits that make it more enjoyable is the editor part of the story. She is pretty good at getting clues. Yet not so good at getting justice. 


The later part read more like an Agatha Christie mystery. 


The last chapter is the real writer, Anthony, interviewing the fictional writer. I like the setup and the story run pretty smoothly. So if anyone like those things, this could be a 5 stars read. For me, the characters are not likable. And I need to like them to enjoy the book more. 


Still a 4.5 stars read. 

I read this for New Release square. 


Reading progress update: I've read 360 out of 509 pages.

Magpie Murders - Anthony Horowitz

The BBC series type of mystery of murders and mayhem in a small town is not really getting my attention.


The story inside a story is way better.


The start of the book, an editor was reading a manuscript. A murder mystery. 


Don't know the end of the story as it was kind of cut off in the middle. Now the editor is searching for the ending. 


Getting better. Still not caring for any of the characters yet. 


The storytelling part is still pretty good. 

Halloween Bingo update 10 Sept


Date  called



Classic Horror




Cozy Mystery


New Release


Southern Gothic

Bloody handprint: called/ Blood claws: read and called /Blood drips: read 



Only one called and read (re-read)
Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them (Harry Potter) - J.K. Rowling,Newt Scamander  5 stars 




Terror in A small Town 

 Zero Day - David Baldacci  5 stars 


Barker Street Irregulars 

South By Southeast - Anthony Horowitz  4.5 stars 


Genre: Suspense 

The Woods - Harlan Coben 4.5 stars 



Thirteen Days to Midnight - Patrick Carman  2.5 stars 





New Release

Magpie Murders - Anthony Horowitz 



Day of Doom - David Baldacci 


Using Excel Workbook to keep track of the reading. 

Using PowerPoint to edit card with stickers. 


Got a basic reading list but it subject to availability. Or if there is new release found that would fit the squares better. Enjoying it a lot. Reading somewhere outside of my "go-to" genre a little. 


The dead just wouldn't stay buried

The Woods - Harlan Coben

Paul Copeland is a prosecutor on a rape trial. The accused were rich kids with overprotective father. 

The victim was a teenage sex worker. 


That just the start of the story.


Paul has a past. He had a sister who was killed long ago by a serial killer in the woods. 


A body was found and he turned out to be a person who thought was long dead. The boyfriend of his sister at the time. If this guy wasn't really dead long ago, was Paul's sister still alive?


Who is digging into the past? Why now? 


A lot of questions and answers unfolding.  Really good. Couldn't say much as it would spoil it. 


4.5 stars. 


Reading this for the Suspense square. 



Reading progress update: I've read 150 out of 386 pages.

The Woods - Harlan Coben

A teenager was raped. Two men were on trail.


The teenager was a striper. The two guys were from wealthy families.


Enter the prosecutor of the case Paul.


The main character Paul is the prosecutor for the case. He has a past too. His lost his sister in a summer camp when she and three other teenagers were murdered and bodies never found. 


Now. A dead body show up and is linked to Paul in some way. 


Paul is not actively investigating the case related to this dead body. It all goes back to the woods, where the summer camp were at. 


Reading this for the Genre: Suspense square. 



Diamond brothers solving crime by making mistakes

South By Southeast - Anthony Horowitz

Short and sweet book. With a lot of humors a 9 yr old would enjoy. 


Playing with words and being clueless is how Tim Diamond worked on a case. 


A spy came to the office and asked to use the telephone. The brothers had no money and didn't pay the phone bill. So, they asked the spy to use a phone box outside. 


A bullet had flied in the office in the meantime and harming no one. 


So they followed the guy outside only to find him killed by another bullet. 


They wanted to report this to the police but they have no money for the bus fare. It took them half a hour of walking. The police didn't believe them at all so they went back to the scene of the crime only to find both the body and the phone booth gone. 


It is that kind of a story. 

Really enjoyable read, even for an adult. 


4.5 stars.


Reading this for Halloween Bingo





August books read wrap-up

It is a good month. 5 books read are enjoyable. 


3 David Baldacci as I got a pile from the book fair in July. 

    5 stars                               4.5 stars                        5 stars 
The Collectors - David Baldacci      Divine Justice - David Baldacci     The Forgotten - David Baldacci


The Collectors and Divine Justice is about John Oliver.  How he was worked for the government and was betrayed.  Of course, inside, he is still a good man even when he was a killer. 


The Forgotten is about John Puller. This is the first book of the series. John is in the Army and was sent to investigate a murder. 


  5 stars 

Hellbent (Evan Smoak) - Gregg Hurwitz 



Evok as Orphan X tried to help his adopted father Jack.  Good character development as the 3rd book of the series. 

  5 stars 
Never Say Die (Alex Rider) - Anthony Horowitz 


Alex Rider latest story. He lost his caretaker Jack in the last adventure. Now he got hint that Jack wasn't dead after all. 


Good that there is a next one. 



Light reading for the month of August.   All good books. Highly recommended. 



Halloween Bingo update post on 4 Sept

Update card:





Thirteen Days to Midnight - Patrick Carman   for  


South By Southeast - Anthony Horowitz   for  



A distorted view on invulnerability as a superpower

Thirteen Days to Midnight - Patrick Carman

Jacob is a orphan. 


He is unfortunately being sent to a Catholic school. It is a private school that allow indoctrination of Catholic religious bullshit in the classrooms.


It is sickening. 


The effect on children is obvious. Jacob was on a guilt trip and wrongly theorized that there is a balance between life and death. That if one prevent a death, someone else has to die. 


That's the premise of the book. Jacob got his superpower from his adopted father. He passed it to his best friend to test it out. Doing risky things. 


One of the chapter stating how a person in child-raping-Catholic priest uniform spreading on his distorted view on hell and how humans go to hell and animals don't. Really stupid and sickening stuff. 


There is a serious lack of character developments here. Oh is supposed to be someone the reader care about. Oh as a character has no development at all. She is only used as a plot device. 


As the storytelling goes. Not so bad. It is a fast read. It got 2 stars for that part. 


Reading this for Halloween Bingo 13 square. 



Reading progress update: I've read 10 out of 304 pages.

Thirteen Days to Midnight - Patrick Carman

Not a good start. 


Too Catholic for me. These poor kids were in a Catholic priest-rapists run schools and were brainwashed. 


Temptation? Are you kidding me? 


Sick Catholic concept that is so unsuitable for kids. 


Going to hate this one.