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The Camel Club in action

The Camel Club  - David Baldacci

The Camel Club made up more a group of misfits that don't belong to anywhere but with each other.


The Camel Club witnessed placing of a dead body. Two persons were placing the body and they were armed. 


As they don't think anyone would believe them, they didn't go to the police. 


Now the dead body found hit the news. The dead body has a suicide note on it. So it was ruled as a suicide at first. 


But Alex found some inconsistency. As he is also a friend of Oliver Stone, a member of the Camel Club, he talked to Stone. 



The clue lead him to believe it might not be a suicide after all. The dead body belonged to a NIC agent. A very secret part of the government. 


The problem is, the two persons who place the dead is also from the same agency.


While they are investigating, a terrorist group is planning something big. 


Now they found out that more about the dead agent, drug was found in his premise. That throw the investigation off except Alex.



The setup of the story is very complex. How is the dead body linked to the terrorist group activity.


And more surprising who is orchestrate this complex plot. 


The things merge together that brought Alex and Camel Club together. 


The later part is action packed and really good.  I got a bit slow at the setup but the later part of the book makes up for it. 


5 stars read. 



Reading progress update: I've read 442 out of 689 pages.

The Camel Club  - David Baldacci

Things are moving faster now. 


Alex Ford is going on a date. It went really well until when he left, his car was been tampered with has no brake. He crashed, and felt a gun on his neck.


He fought back. And managed not only to get away but run all the way back to the house he just left and saved his date. 


Good job. 


The Camel Club is on the case and found the killer's house.


Too bad the killer came back too soon. 


This is getting exciting. Finally. 


Philip Roth, Towering Novelist Who Explored Lust, Jewish Life and America, Dies at 85

The news just travelled to me today. 


We lost another good writer.

Happy Towel Day

Towel Day is created to celebrate the life of Douglas Adams. 


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Confession for an adult who like to read YA

It is summer now. The highest temperature recorded in 72 years. 34.8 Celsius. 

And a lot of my summer reading are young adult fiction. 


I actually like them.


Not just Harry Potter series. 


Not just any books of course. 


I like Alex Rider series, although it is a bit outrageous to have a 14 yr old joining MI6, it is still good stories. 


I also branching out on other stuff Alex Rider's writer has written for even younger persons. 


It is such good fun. The setup is usually shorter and there is more stuff going on in the story that is more explicit rather than hidden. If the plot is hidden too well, children would have missed it. 


It is odd to have an adult reading YA books. The world is turning to shit. Not much stuff make sense any more.


From today's news, Trump has just cancelled his meeting with North Korea Kim. Gee.... 


It just does not make sense any more. And as other older persons might look for to simplifier life, by creating a bubble around them. I choose to face the reality and occasionally escape  into a more simple YA world.  Not that there isn't bad in the YA books world, there is always a solution, or at least someone who would step up and fight the monster together. Be the monster be real monster or just symbolic, there is usually something good that comes out of it. 


A local reporter was beaten by the China law enforcement agent. And the local useless head of the city, instead of coming out to voice her concern over press freedom, asked the reporter to respect local China thug rule.




As a dying culture, being slowly killed by Chinese authority who has no respect for human right like press freedom, freedom of speech or even freedom, freedom to choose whatever television programs (so much stuff were banned in China for no good reason), it is disheartening to witness this everyday. 


Case in point. A stupid TV show is on. I said stupid, as we don't have good production of television programs. There is a lack of respect for original scripts. 


Background. Historical local drama with palace as a setting. When women use whatever mean at their disposal to compete for being the emperor's favorite. Only when you are the among the king's favorite would they be able to get pregnant by him and bore a son to get in line for the throne. 


And this is ban in China for the fear of the competitiveness for the throne is a reflection of what's going on in China. 


 Image may contain: 5 people, people standing


I need books to escape. Maybe some non-fiction in between. 


Rant for the day completed. 


Apologize in advance that more YA books reviews coming up. 





Reading progress update: I've read 366 out of 689 pages.

The Camel Club  - David Baldacci

Oh my gosh. 


Things are happening. A terrorists plot in progress. Yet how is it link to the dead body found? 


Now finding out that the terrorist plots got Capital letters agents involved. Why? 


Too much details without much action yet. 

Reading progress update: I've read 259 out of 689 pages.

The Camel Club  - David Baldacci

The story is still a bit of back and forth between different Capital Letters agents. 


The dead body belongs to NIC. And drugs were found on his property. 


The more interesting stuff is about Nick Stone. The homeless member of the Camel Club who is sleeping near the White House. 


I want to know more about this guy. 

Reading progress update: I've read 174 out of 689 pages.

The Camel Club  - David Baldacci

The Camel club witnessed two men putting down a dead body with a gun and suicide note. 


So it is a murder pretended to be a suicide. 


They didn't revealed themselves as they have no gun and the bad guys are armed.


So they tried to insert themselves into the investigation.


It is a slow start. Not liking it as much yet. Probably because not getting familiar with the characters yet.


And it is a longer book. Let's see what's going on. 




Amos Decker solving small town murders

The Fallen (Amos Decker series) - David Baldacci

Amos Decker was on vacation.


He has nowhere he has to be, so he followed Alex to visit her sister who just allocated to a small town, Baronville. 


Amos, not being the most sociable person, was taking a break in the backyard with his beer. He also get the chance to talk to Alex's niece, reminded him of his daughter. 


With that he discovered the first two dead bodies. 


The two dead bodies might be linked to four other dead bodies found recently in this small town.


That should have alert the police and other law enforcement agency as there is not enough manpower to handle six deaths. The ME is not that good either.


So why didn't the local police asked for help?


Amos has the rule not to trust anyone unless proved otherwise.


Good that he did. 


The sidestepping on the story of the loss of shopping malls when people go online to shop. And that make facilitation plant a big business. Alex brother-in-law worked at the local plant.


Baronville also has a drug addicts population. 


The story created a lot of big city problem in this small town.


Add one legacy to the mix. John Baron, the grandson of the founder in this town. John was not rich and neither were his parents who had died when he was still in university. Now he lived in his big house and selling off most of the asset to get by. 


Amos investigate the murders, just because he knew about it. Turned out the two dead bodies found were DEA agents. 


So DEA got involved with hours when FBI sent out search for identities. 


DEA is on point. And bossy. 


Amos had done the typical way of his investigation. Interviews everyone and see who lied to him. Then chased after those liars and found out the truth. 


And of course, the killers would want to kill him.


Amos and Alex were at the trailer belonged to one of the dead bodies when someone locked the doors and set it on fire.


The action part is good. And this give a bit more dimension to the character when Amos was injured with a concussion, again.


He could no longer recall perfectly. And his color association with death is gone.


Amos was unsure of himself. He has gone through a lot of change. From professional athlete  to cop to homeless, then FBI. From father and husband to widow and childless. From normal to have total recall.  


That's a lot of changes for one single person. 


The side story of John Baron being bullied in a bar when Amos stepped in is good. Amos befriended John and that provided clue for his investigation.


Then everything comes together. 


Amos did the traditional reveal. 


The skill of the writer is to bring the reader through the scene of the story without being too obvious, yet provided a good atmosphere for the storytelling. 


Good book. Looking forward to the next one. 


5 stars read. 

Reading progress update: I've read 334 out of 432 pages.

The Fallen (Amos Decker series) - David Baldacci

The ability to fall asleep quickly or the inability to stay awake even when the reading light is on is the only thing that kept me from finishing this book.


Amos Decker is being thrown into a mystery by just being there. 


He interviewed a lot of persons living on the street. 


And that give him some clue on the sound he heard on the night he discovered two dead bodies across the street. 


Also the fact that there is floor plan found in the house of Alex's sister give us a possibility that the facilitation plant is related to all the other dead bodies found.


John Baron is now being framed for the murders. 


The atmosphere built here is really good. Small town, people being mean to John Baron just because he is the grandson. 


Amos is becoming more human after the recent concussion. Although his perfect memory is not as perfect. 


There is a big illegal drug operation going on. The murders might be linked to that. It is time to find out who is behind this operation and why do they want to kill all these people. 




Reading progress update: I've read 235 out of 432 pages.

The Fallen (Amos Decker series) - David Baldacci

Amos Decker lost his family not long ago. Now the niece of Alex reminded him so much of his daughter Molly. 


He is sad. And stuck in the state of mind that he think he is only good at one thing, solving murder.


The investigation continued. Finally found out who the identity of the dead bodies he found. His plan is for him to work on the murders and Alex to stay with her family.  Alex would not left him alone without backup.


Then they run into danger when someone tried to kill them. They got away with on sheer strength and Amos' ability to break thing, like door that block their way out from a burning house. Or in this case, burning trailer. 


Amos has another concussion and this affected slightly on his total recall ability. 


The ability for Amos to relate to people is limited. 


Amos is so relatable. Socialiabilty is just so difficult for some people, but that is a highly valued that put social anxious persons at a disadvantage. 


The murders he found is now related to four other murders previously happened in this small town.


Baron the fourth has a runin with the locals. They hated him just because his grandfather was rich and exploited the labours. Now he is not rich, yet still live in the old mansion his family left him.


Drug use is common as a form of escape from the harsh reality that the town is dying. 


The new logistic shipping compound is in town. Reflecting on the dying of the malls and moving the buy and selling online. So filling orders from various companies, however small, become big business.


What is loss is the many opportunities for human interaction. Now people talk to their family, many only if they have to. So called friends are just persons who click "like" or send "text" over devices. How humans move from being social to a virtual social plane without realizing they are actually isolating themselves and trusting computer run system. 


Really enjoyable read. 


Tom Wolfe, Author of ‘The Right Stuff’ and ‘Bonfire of the Vanities,’ Dies

Another good writer has left us. 


His book left an impression that is not easy going away. Good books have that effect on readers. 



Reading progress update: I've read 70 out of 432 pages.

The Fallen (Amos Decker series) - David Baldacci

Amos Decker is adorably miserable when he was ordered to take leave. He didn't have anywhere to go so he followed Alex Jamison and visit ther sister. 


So he was just hanging out. The thing I like about Amos is that he was like me, and prefer to hide or get out of the way of the party at a corner, or a balcony or at the back yard. That's what he did.


So he talked to a kid who is 6 and then at a flash caused, he saw something. Run across a quiet street and investigate. He crashed the door to go in because he thought he smell something burning and someone might be in trouble.


What he found is two dead bodies. 


And he called the police. 


Not very competent police. Instead of being an opinion from Amos or Alex, the scene was setup so that the cop almost shoot at an FBI agent because he is too trigger happy. 


Nice. Amos insert himself to the investigation as he is not confident that the local police could handle this. Even more so if this is not the first two dead bodies but number 5 and 6 in the last few weeks. 


Liking it. 

Vega Jane training to use magic

The Keeper (Vega Jane, Book 2) - David Baldacci

The second book of the series. 


Not as engaging. There isn’t much tension or not as purpose driven in this one. Probably well I don’t like it as much. 


Vega Jane learned that she could do magic. She met someone who need to keep her where she is until she rebel and beat her at a magic duel. 


The spell learning is not that interesting to me. It would help them to get through the 5 circles to go outside. 


More exiting part is probably left for the finale book that follows this one. Therefore, this feel a bit flat. 


Still really readable. 4 stars.

Allegations against Junot Díaz leave book world asking tough questions

#MeToo movement in the book world.


Junot Diaz being confronted by women he mistreated before, including being forced into a kiss by him.


He said he would take responsibility of his past behaviors. 



The House With a Clock in Its Walls - John Bellairs, Edward Gorey

Coming in Sept 2018. Still have time to read.