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Attack on the White House and Mitch assist in resolved the crisis

Transfer of Power - Vince Flynn

Brilliant setup of a story.


Of the very unlikely and unprofessional actions of the aids who lead to a terrorist attack on the White House. 


Mitch volunteered to go in, and found out what can be done to rescue hostages. The president was trapped in the bunker and the vice president is bloody useless. 


The action is good and it is found to read. 


Mitch is helped with a older person as his partner who know how to get into places. Conveniently with special key. 


The bad guys were really awful persons with no redeeming quality.  So one wouldn't feel too bad when they got killed. 


The special forces were good to create a plan for the rescue mission. 


Mitch is now older and more cynical. It is fun to see how he turns out. 


Going to read the next one. I like the series already. 

Reading progress update: I've read 310 out of 549 pages.

Transfer of Power - Vince Flynn

Terrorists have taken hostages in the White House and the president is in the bunker, trapped. 


Mitch is going in to find out what's going on. 


There are some really good scene here. Like Mitch go rigid with anger, while he was hiding in the closet, and seeing from the hidden surveillance camera that the terrorist is hitting and trying to rape a hostage. 


The decision he made reflect what moral character he has. So this is really good. And also the struggle to come to this decision. 


Now he is trying to deal with the situation. The terrorists are clever and has escape plan in place. 


The bad guys are now the politicians. Vice President aid King was a jerk and now he found out he was the leak to the security, and worried more about his career than the people being held hostage. 


Doing the right thing seems to be the main theme here. Really good read. 


Reading progress update: I've read 140 out of 549 pages.

Transfer of Power - Vince Flynn

This is getting good. 


Found out the terrorists have plan to attack the White House. 

So Rapp called it in.


Now the tension is up or how to solve this. 


Of course there is an attack. If there is none, there wouldn't be enough actions. 

Harry Bosch chasing a boy's murderer

City of Bones - Michael Connelly

A dog dig up a bone that turned out to be a human bone. 


The dog owner who found it is a doctor. He reported it and told the police that it is a bone of a child.


That's started the investigation of a boy who were killed and buried, without even being reported as missing. 


A lot of running around. False confession and whatnot. 


Harry is like a dog with a bone. He wouldn't let it go. And it is frustrating to his partner who were kept in the dark sometimes. 


A good story. With rich human elements on how people reacted to difficult situations. No big conspiracy, but very realistic on how the police homicide division work.  The team got only 10 days to work on a very old case. The boy were buried for a long time and a lot of evidence was gone. 


As expected, Harry Bosch do not disappointed. Good story. 5 stars read. 


Good conversation on why religions is not only bullshit, it is dangerous

The Four Horsemen: The Discussion that Sparked an Atheist Revolution  Foreword by Stephen Fry - Stephen King, Charlaine Harris, Christopher Hitchens, Daniel C. Dennett, Richard Dawkins

I have watched the Youtube video, but reading it is even better. As it slow down the conversation enough to rethink some of the good points made. 


All religions are bullshit. No doubt about that. But is it dangerous? The conversation go from how to criticize religion and came to the conclusion that there is no polite way to tell a religious person that what they believe is pure bullshit. The conversation then lead to what make religion dangerous, and which religion is the most dangerous. 


Really enjoy it. Religion is horrible by product of human who need explanation. It then turned into something more nasty. Christianity is a horrible nasty religion that lead its followers to do horrible things without feeling remorse. The same effect of Islam on its followers. Only reason could save mankind from the destructive force of religions. Once it infected the mind, it is hard to get rid of. So, could human wake from this nightmare of religion? It is yet wait to be seen. But there is still hope. 

Reading progress update: I've read 70 out of 549 pages.

Transfer of Power - Vince Flynn

Mitch Rapp is all grown up now and doing dangerous work to capture the man who is responsible to cause all his pain by killing in his one true love. 


What happened to the girlfriend from the last book? 


Just do a little search and found out the prequel was written later. 



Now Mitch Rapp is older than in Kill Shot. 


He is now working alone and still friend with Irene. 


He got what he wants. But is what he wants really good for him? need to have more goal than just killing the terrorists responsible for the death of a loved one. 



Mickey Bolitar is Myron Bolitar's nephew is having a hard time at school

Shelter (Micky Bolitar, #1) - Harlan Coben

Mickey is in a new school and already bumped into the school bully. 


Fortunately, he is a 6'6'' and also a basketball player.  And already have some martial art training and not easily intimidated. 


He got to know a few friends, Ema, Spoon, and Ashley. 


He likes Ashley. And when Ashley disappeared one day, he is desperate to find her.


But he didn't want any help from his uncle Myron. For some reasons, he dislike Myron for not liking his mom, who is in rehab for drug addiction. 


A Bat Lady, typical rumor started by children who is easily frightened. 


The adventure part is fine. 


The only problem I have is how little regard the Bat lady and her ally have on the safety of children. Not getting police involved was a mistake from the start. Secret is not a good thing, especially for teenagers. If they got too good at lying, it is harder to be an honest adult. 


That is 4 stars or 3.5 stars read. I feel generous today. 


Reading progress update: I've read 181 out of 320 pages.

Shelter (Micky Bolitar, #1) - Harlan Coben

This is getting good. 


Finally, uncle Myron is there to bail Mick out when he got arrested by police (wrongly). 


He was knocking on the door at the Bat Lady house, wanting some answers. 


Then the police show up and arrested him. And put him in cuff. The police man is also the father of the school bully. Then Myron show up and put an end to this. 


The story is getting good. 


Reading progress update: I've read 60 out of 320 pages.

Shelter (Micky Bolitar, #1) - Harlan Coben

Myron has a nephew, and this book series is about him and his adventure. 


So he is now going to school in the same school as his father and uncle. He is new in school and people are mean. 


He tried to be friendly only to have it backfired.


Now he has ally Spoon and Fat girl. 


Good start. 

Mitch Rapp on the run

Kill Shot - Vince Flynn

Mitch Rapp was having a good run on his projects until he got setup and shot at in the job in Paris.


Now he is on the run.

Who set him up?


And why would there be so little trust on him not being a stone cold killer? 


There should be trust in characters by now if they have been working together. 


The guy who hate him include Stan Hurley and Victor. And they were on the same side. 


The action is pretty good. The setup for the detective is pretty weak by comparison. 


Rapp was dating. 


This is good. 


The character development is fine on Mitch Rapp. He is the focus of the book. The rest of the supporting characters are not as well developed. 


Still, a good read. It read like a movie, a B+ movie so far. 


4.5 stars. 

Reading progress update: I've read 256 out of 436 pages.

Kill Shot - Vince Flynn

Mitch Rapp is a likable character. He is young, and capable and do not stand for nonsense. 


He is also willing to kill the bad guys to save the innocent, and would follow the protocol of not killing innocent bystander. 


So he was shot. Not too badly. He survived and checked-in with Irene Kennedy. 


Now he is worried that the agency has a mole as someone has set him up to be killed. 


He is on the run. Good that he got a trusted person there. 


Emotionally, he is alone in the world with only few trusted allies. 


In reality, his job has been keeping him from establishing normal relationships that anyone who don't have the same high level clearance. 


Reading progress update: I've read 85 out of 436 pages.

Kill Shot - Vince Flynn

Mitch Rapp was shot and the mission was a mess. 


He didn't do his regular check-in and that got everyone nervous. 


Worst, he has no one he could trust right now. 


He was on the run. He didn't know who betrayed him and set up a trap for him. 


So this is kind of on the run story. Liking the fast pace of the story. But not sure how the other characters fit in yet. 



Reading progress update: I've read 53 out of 400 pages.

Kill Shot - Vince Flynn

Mitch Rapp continued to happily working as a CIA operative. 


He works alone. He like reducing the terrorist population. He is having a good run for a year and finally something is wrong. 


Pretty action packed and read like a movie. 

Upside down tale of Moby Dick

And The Ocean Was Our Sky - Rovina Cai, Patrick Ness

A whale is an apprentice of a lead captain hunting for the devil, Toby Wick, the whale killer. 


The illustration is good. The story is a bit strange but not too strange. 


So will the whale choose mercy or tradition?


What should it be? 


The saving of a man for questioning. And the danger of shark feeding frenzy is a good distraction of a old tale of the hunt.  


and the ocean was our sky的圖片搜尋結果


A 4 stars read for it imagination. 

Reading progress update: I've read 83 out of 160 pages.

And The Ocean Was Our Sky - Rovina Cai, Patrick Ness

A beautiful illustration of strange tale retelling the story of Moby Dick. 


Nicely done. 


It is from the point of view of a whale who is going to hunt the evil human who hunted them Toby Wick. 

Decker going back home to deal with old memories

Redemption (Amos Decker #5) - David Baldacci

Are we trapped in bad memories? We do sometimes. That's why there are recreational drugs and alcohol to numb us into a state that we don't feel that much pain any more.


Decker was back to visit the grave of his family on his daughter's birthday. He thought he has more time with his family so he missed dinner together to do OT. 


That's why we have to what OT is sometimes, that's time away from family, and sending the wrong message that work is more important than family. 


in visiting the grave, a dying convict that Decker put into jail declared his innocence. 


Decker is skeptic, but agreed to meet again and talk.


And found him dead. 


That's started the story. Amos Decker refused to let this go. And putting his FBI job at risk as this is not a FBI case. 


He continued working on the case alone, when Alex was called in to work on another FBI case. 


Mars came to helped out. 


And he was needed as someone tried to kill Decker and seems to kill a fellow police official instead. 


Who is killing all these people and why?


Baldacci has created another winner with plot twits. 


So, not to go into too much of the story. It is about memories and how we live with them. It is about second chances. 


It is really good one as the villains were hidden from Decker and the reader. It is fun to do that if it is done right. 


Enjoy this one. 5 stars.