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A graphic novel about a girl who is using hearing aid

El Deafo - Cece Bell

Cece is a child who lost her hearing after she got really sick. 


And now she has to wear hearing aid to school. What so fun about this book is that it was told from a first person perspective. What is it like for her to hear sound but not able to comprehend them. Or what challenges she face when she is watching TV or lip reading in the dark (she cannot).


How a young person navigate the world and think because she has hearing aid, she is a superhero, as she could hear much more when her teacher wear the mic that make her words much clearer to her. 


It is a fun read. The graphic is really good. And Cece made friends and how friends interactive with each other. 


I would recommend this to not just children but adult too. 


Nicely done. 

Last summer before graduation

The Rest of Us Just Live Here - Patrick Ness

A time that is about friendship and change.


Mikey is a teenager who has OCD. He is under a lot of stress as his mom is a politician. He has one older sister Mel and a young sister. He also has one best friend Jared and a crash Henna. 


Typical enough? They are about a group of teenagers who live in a world where zombie and vampire is real. And that happened to the indie kids, a group of outsiders who interact with the supernatural.


His crash has a boyfriend Nathan who Mike dislike with a passion. 


And it is about the last summer before they are going on their separate way. And how his best friend Jared is three quarters Jewish and one quarter god because his grandmother is a goddess. 


It is a fun read as it is not so much about the supernatural but the life of these teenagers who are graduating that are interesting. 


5 stars read. Highly recommended. 

Booklikes-opoly tracking post


First square landed on 5. 



Read Third Option set in Germany, the last country and ended to the Silk Road. 


 The Third Option - Vince Flynn   


2nd Roll landed on 10 



Going to read Simon vs. The Homo Sapiens Agenda by Becky Albertalli. 


Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda - Becky Albertalli 


Not my cup of tea. Cute coming out story. DNF. Read 33 pages and then done. Moved on.


3rd roll : Double 5. 


Landed on 19.




Separation of Power has a blue cover and just fit. 


Separation of Power - Vince Flynn 


4th roll: 7


Landed to 26. Cannot pick any book for this one. 



5th roll: 10


Landed in 35. Picked a book that started in Italy. And kind of travel a lot on boat. 



Executive Power - Vince Flynn 


6th roll: 8 


Passed Go and collected $5. Landed on 6 



Picked Wonder by R.J. Palacio. This has been sitting on the bookshelves for ages. Just not getting around to read it yet. 


 Wonder - R.J. Palacio  


306 pages 


Roll again and landed on 22



Read Consent to Kill by Vince Flynn

Consent to Kill - Vince Flynn  


704 pages 


Roll again and landed 31





Read Angel Flight by Michael Connelly 




Angels Flight - Michael Connelly 


Roll again after a month on 14 July. Got 11.





Read The Rest of Us Just live here by Patrick Ness 


The Rest of Us Just Live Here - Patrick Ness 


Finished on 18 July. Get $5 


Roll again and got 7. Landed again on 10. 



Going to read El Deafo by Cece Bell



El Deafo - Cece Bell 




Bank account current: $57


Reading progress update: I've read 200 out of 343 pages.

The Rest of Us Just Live Here - Patrick Ness

From the point of view of Mikey who has compulsive disorder, a teenager who is graduating and going to college. Who has dysfunctional family. 


And it is about friendship. Between Mikey and Jared and all his friends. 


From Mikey point of view, there are the supernatural in the wood, with zombie and vampires. It is just the landscape and the mystery in the book. But at the core it is friendship and love who is so uncertain because it is new and there is no rule book that one could navigate through it without getting hurt. 


Bosh investigate a complex kiling

Angels Flight (Harry Bosch #6) - Michael Connelly

Not a typical serial killer. 


A lawyer was killed. And he is most likely silenced. 


So who kill this one?


Racial tension is high. LA got a potential riot.


And no one is really telling the truth. 


It all starts with a young girl being killed few years ago. Now the killer was being set free when this lawyer found new evidence that the police got the wrong guy.


That's started the whole thing. 


The plot twist is unexpected. And there is a lot of dark surprise here. 



Of love and release

Release - Patrick Ness

Adam is a teenager and is in love, or not so in love. Depending on how he see his past and his current friend. 


He is also a sweet boy who has horrible parents. Luckily, he has a good friend. And sometimes, one good friend is enough. 


While the teenage life story unfold, a spirit queen was bounded to the spirit of a woman who life has lost. 


It is a bit poetic and lovely. 


Yes. It is a gay novel as the main character is gay. 


Yes, it is a teenage novel as the main character is almost 16.


Lot of stuff is packed into this book without feeling too crowded. A difficult task that is nicely done. 


Highly recommended. 

Mitch setup Nash for promotion

Pursuit of Honor - Vince Flynn

Mitch considered himself damaged goods.


He also wrongly used abortion issue to point out the hypocrisy of the senators on the left. 


The beauty of the left is their desire to uphold themselves as the ideal state. Not a bad thing.


The settings up of the story is pretty good. How a person could struggle between working in a dangerous job and having a family. 


The other part is good too. The bad guys are on the run. The bad guy has an intelligent team mate who prepared them to disappear in the middle of rural America and wait until things die down before moving back home.


Fortunately for the good guys, the bad guys are having a power struggle. The over-sized ego has ruined the preparation. Now the bad guys are split into two teams. 


Overall, pretty interesting read. It is kind of obvious that Mitch is closer to the hardliner who preferred to treat the terrorists as threat always and eliminated them with any mean.  While the other political values are also closer to the Republican camp. That is the only part I dislike about this. The Republicans are not that detail in thinking and not very good in seeing where the left wing come from. Maybe watching more real news instead of Fox news. 


Anyway, still good to see how the other party things. 



David Baldacci teaches mystery and thriller writing

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Mitch being put on trial

Extreme Measures - Vince Flynn

Mitch is going after terrorists. Senators are going after Mitch for his method of gaining information from terrorists. 


Mitch goal is clear. He  based on solid intel and go after terrorists so he and his team could stop terrorist attack.


The goal of the senator Lonsdale is go after Mitch and Nash for treating captured terrorists badly. Senators seems to missed the point why Mitch did what he did and his goal.


So the story played this out. Two cells of terrorists were intercepted and there is a third cell at large. 


As Mitch is the good guy in the story, the story seems more right leaning. if there is no oversight, CIA operative would only rely on their ethic to keep themselves in check for not abusing power.


Mitch got a lot of empathy as his motivation is simple. To protect lives.  Terrorists who have no problem killing children are not someone that could persuade through dialogue. 


Nash story is good too. He is a diaper changing modern man who make sure diaper is change with the same effectiveness as he change ammunition for gun. He still have his family he sorries about, while running into danger. 


The story is also told from the perspective of the terrorists. The selfishness of leadership and how little they value human lives. 


A bit more political story. Yet it is good to raise this to allow readers to think it through where they stand on this issue and why. As a more left leaning reader, it is good to read what the other side thing and how there could be compromise in time of crisis.


4 stars.


Mitch has to do hostage rescue

Protect and Defend - Vince Flynn

The twist and turn is interesting. 


The story is about Iran and how the power struggle in Iran and the disagreement on how to deal with the US. 


So the Iran way forward is to kidnap a key figure of the US to hold the country foreign policy as ransom. 


Really stupid move. It is not the right thing to kidnap and think they are still in the right. 


The plan works only half way, and it pissed off Mitch to the point that he would disregard even more orders from politicians. 


Anyway, the setup is okay. The action part is really good. 


Enjoy reading this as a distraction. 



Mitch found out who killed the new president's wife

Act of Treason - Vince Flynn

Mark Ross is an asshole. He could be friendly and charming but he is also arrogant and only like power. 


Mark Ross has no integrity, a quality that holds a person in a standard that is acceptable to modern society. His value is closer to a sociopath who would harm and kill as long as it helps to get what he wants. 


Of course, now that he is in power and going to be the vice president, he wants to get rid of Mitch Rapp and Irene Kennedy. 


Irene is thinking of leaving too. 


Why not. It is not really an easy game. 


Ross leaked to the newspaper that Mitch captured the wrong guy. It would be potentially embarrassed to the CIA if Mitch was wrong. 


Mitch seems certain that it is fine. Well, it is his confident and having good working relationship with Irene that make the job bearable. As there is too much back stabbing going on in politic. 


Still a good read.  

Hong Kong protests and I have no time to read

Managed to finish one book only.


Everything stop when the city is face with an Extradition law that sent Hong Kong people, or anyone who visit Hong Kong back to anti-human-right-China. 


Hong Kong people understand China, and it total lack of professional standard of their judicial system. Anyone who are dislike by the China dictator could be jailed, and then killed as death penalty is still common in China. 


Hong Kong as a city is slowly killing off by China and its people. Chinese and Mainland China are horrible people who don't respect human rights or animal rights. It is not about education as some who have the chance to study overseas still act like total bully when they deal with Hong Kong people. 


Hong Kong is not China. Hong Kong is Hong Kong. We hold ourselves who respect rights of fellow humans. We clean up the streets after mass protest. We form line almost automatically because that is how we live peacefully with each other in such a dense city. Violent crime is rare. That' why 2 millions of Hong Kong people could join the same protest with very little police present and nothing bad had happened. We would take care of each other. That's the underlying understand when we join march. 


Last week is one million people protest. More would come if the current Chief Executive who refused to listen to Hong Kong people not give a good apology or step down from her post. 


Will add photos when I got time. 

Someone put out a contract to kill Mitch

Consent to Kill - Vince Flynn

This is such a sad story. 


Mitch life is interrupted by violence again. 


This is such a bad thing that a very good contract killer was paid a whole lot of money to kill Mitch.


It is terrible. What's is even more terrible is the the Ross, his new boss is out to get him. And has no idea how to keep his mouth shut on secret that would get someone else killed. 


This is a frustrating story. Why would someone kill him when he is the good guy to kill the bad guys? 


Anyway, an emotional story and not such a great one because of the characters who are not acting human enough. 


4 stars for being a more than okay story.  


August is a boy with a strange face

Wonder - R.J. Palacio

How a boy survived in a world where people will treat him differently because of his look.


Well, kids could be jerks and could be kind. Being kind is not that easy if the persons around them are not kind.


So the story begins when August has to go to school. 


Now he know how difficult it is to be treated differently because of how he looks. So he struggle, and find friends.


And friends didn't come easy as it is not easy to be a nice to someone when this person is so unpopular.


The story is told from August perspective, and his older Via perspective, and Summer and Jack his two best friends. 


I like of like how the story is being told. The dimension si good for the development. 


Nice story. The parents are good and it is lucky to have good parents for a kid like August. 



Reading progress update: I've read 80 out of 315 pages.

Wonder - R.J. Palacio

I like the story of a boy who know he is not normal and trying to find his place in the world.


I also like the story is told by different perspective. One perspective is from the boy himself. And then from his old sister, his friends perspective.


The different perspective give a more complex dimension of the story. Enjoying this. Reading this for a square. 

Mitch would use violence to stop terrorists

Memorial Day - Vince Flynn

The good guys and the bad guys have different rules.

While the bad guys, the religious zealots who would kill women and children, in their way insult a country. The good guys have civil rights and lawyers. 


Could violence be justified if one could save lives?


In the fantasy world like the one Mitch Rapp lives in, yes. Torture might gain result if the religious persons are shock into telling the truth. 


The better thing to do is to get the necessary information without using violence. 


The publicists are the bad guys also in this book.


So far, a really good one. It put the readers in the mind of the terrorists who are convinced that their god asked for sacrifice of the lives of the non believers, the infidels. 


Religious mind is sick mind in the story. 


Nuclear bomb is being smuggled into the country and used for killing many people including the president. Mitch nature is to protect so he hunted the bad guys and try to stop them from execute their terrorist plan.


Really nice reading. Interesting character developments. Mitch is very angry at the terrorists and he is also angry that he didn't get the support he needed to deal with the terrorists. 


Interested to know what he would do next. And how we would learn that his lesson.


4.5 stars.