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Term for DNF books pile



積ん読 is a term for DNF books. After buying books, cannot finish so they form books pile.


Door /Dec 21 Winter Solstice

Stick Man by Julia Donaldson (7-Sep-2009) Paperback - Julia Donaldson

Winter Solstice / Yuletide (December 21): Read any book that takes place in December OR with ice or snow on the cover OR that revolves around the (summer or winter) equinox OR a collection of poetry by Hafez.

Stick Man is a sweet book with stick man played out the role as a stick but all he wants is to go home. 


A read a loud book for children. 


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24 Tasks of the Festive Season update 1

Having fun carrying out the tasks. 


Using different patterns of snowflakes as marker. One snowflake = 1 point. 


Some of the tasks I skipped over for now. Might go back to them later. 







2 - Grave



1 – Burn book

2 – 3 crimes against books



1 - Picked horses -Cross Counter won



1 – light pic



1 – book poppy

3 – read veteran writers







Goodbye Stan Lee

So sad. 


As a fan who read and watch his creation, it is wonderful to see him appear on his creation. 


Thank you so much for creating this universe that I could escape into. 

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Door 5 - Armistice Day (Task 3)

Task 3: Tell us: What author’s books would you consider yourself a veteran of. (i.e., by which author have you read particularly many books - or maybe even all of them)? 

Chris Ryan is no 1 on the list. 


Chris Ryan is the pen name of Colin Armstrong, MM. Start reading his books when it was turned into TV series Strike Back. 

Action pack and usually under impossible odd. The good thing is, even with this type of action movie type of storytelling, the nature of the beast, that men who served would just refuse to give up and would have done everything they could to help their teammates to survive the mission. 



The 2nd on the list is on the same team with Colin. 


Andy McNab is the pen name for Steven Billy Mitchell, CBE, DCM, MM. 


Start reading his book after I run out of Chris Ryan books. 



Like the realism in the books that add some background to the story.  


Planning to read more of their works if I could get my hands on them. 


Colin and Steven are real soldiers who have done good work, with medals and injuries that proved again that it is a risky job. And one has to choose to do this more than just a paycheck. 


While being a very peace loving person, I like reading action pack books. And these writers are pretty good at the action bits. Colin (Chris Ryan) is exceptionally good at doing plots in some of his work.


It is hard to read their real account of the event, of Colin's escape and Steven account of being captured in Bravo Two Zero.  Soldiers want peace probably even more than other people because they want to go home in one piece, and see their family again.  Being peace loving should not and would not diminish my admiration for those who dedicate their time and put their lives at risk in trying to get that peace for everyone. 




Door 5 - Armistice Day (Task 1)

Task 1:  Using book covers (real or virtual), create a close approximation of your country’s flag (either of residence or birth), OR a close approximation of a poppy.  Take a pic of your efforts and post.

Here is my book cover poppy. 






Door 4 - Task 1 (Diwali )

Task 1: Share a picture of favorite light display. 


This is the latest on the lantern festival picture. Not a big display but just a simple one near a children park. 




Door 2 - Guy Fawkes Night


Task 1: Any religious book like the mass produced Christian bible, especially children bible that is a tool for abusing children and add unnecessary fear of death of destruction from an imaginary monster (Christian god). 


Task 2: Crimes against book.


1. Banning of books from library, like LGBT children books based on religious reason.  

2. Deliberate spread fake news through books. Spreading lies about science in textbooks. Include any of the Christian creationist publication on evolution and {lack of} intelligent design booklets. Or any of the anti-vaccination books that spread lies about vaccination. 

3. Badly translated books. Translation supposed to assist readers who don't read the original language able to access these books. Badly translated books made readers hate books that they would have like a lot if it is translated properly. 


Web London is working out who kill his team

Last Man Standing - David Baldacci

Web is HRT, hostage rescue team. His team was setup and were killed. 


That lead him to find help with a friend and a psychiatrist.


The plot twit is good. And it is interesting on finding out who is really the bad guys. 


There are few key players. 


One group is the HRT and FBI who supposed to be the good guys. 


One group is the drug lord Big F. He got a son who is at the scene of the setup and now missing. 


One group is the one behind the setup. 


One group is a cult called Free Society. Who has killed a school boy years ago. 


All the players are in and Web has no friend with exception Romano and Claire. 


Billy and Gwen were the parents of the dead boy and they were under threat too. A few persons who were involved are now dead. 


Enjoyable read.  

Reading progress update: I've read 445 out of 656 pages.

Last Man Standing - David Baldacci

The story started with Web froze and his team got killed.


Now Web was an outcast and he wanted to know who killed his team.


More people get killed and now they think either related to drug lord or a cult. 


The clue is there and we discovered clue as Web discovered them himself. 


Romano and Cove and one psychiatrist Claire is still on his side. 


Task 2: Share your favorite gravestone epitaph (you know you have one). (1 Nov)



Like this design. So true. As an atheist, I don't believe in heaven or hell. The gravestone epitaph identify the deceased as an atheist with a good sense of humor. 






Anton and prophecies

New Watch - Sergei Lukyanenko

First part is about Anton saving a prophet. 


Twilight has a being that nickname Tiger has come to kill the prophet so that the prophecy would not happen.


The theory goes, and not confirmed is that any prophecy told to human would come true. 


The prophet could either be killed before he or she tell anyone.


Anton tried to protect the boy. But with all the power of the Night Watch combined, they could not fight against the Twilight. 

So who can fight the Tiger. Anton's daughter Nadya, a Zero Enchantress, with all the power in the world. 


But Nadya is a child and she does not know how to fight yet. 


The story telling has many levels and a lot of useful, thoughtful details. Like how much is the Night Watch paid?


Unlimited account. 


Reason? Easy enough for a Higher Other to predict the future to make a profit. 


So money spent is only limited by the guilt of the Light Other. 


Other details include, could Anton live without using magic? He would get stuck in traffic. 


There is a witch who try to manipulate Anton and get to the prophecies. There are one that Anton got from the boy. And another one an old prophet gave him.


And if he knows the prophecies, and if he could not convince the Tiger that he would not tell another human, he would be killed by the Tiger.




Good story. Like it a lot. Looking forward to the next one. 


Reading this for Gothic square. My last square for this year Halloween Bingo. 

Halloween bingo final post

Very satisfying. Got 6 bingo in total. Got 3 more books left that were called but not read. 



 Read 22 out of the 25 books planned. 


Date  called  Square  Book read  Date read 
01-Sep-18 Classic Horror" No such square   
03-Sep-18 Cryptozoologist  Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them J.K. Rowling 05-Sep-18
05-Sep-18 Cozy Mystery  No such square   
07-Sep-18 New Release  Magpie Murders by Anothony Horowitz  13-Sep-18
09-Sep-18 Southern Gothic  Dead until Dark by Charlaine Harris  20-Oct-18
11-Sep-18 Terrifying Women  MaddAddam by Margaret Atwood 19-Sep-18
13-Sep-18 A Grimm Tale  No such square   
15-Sep-18 Modern Masters of Horror  Heart shaped box Joe Hill  24-Sep-18
17-Sep-18 Creepy Carnivals  No such square   
19-Sep-18 Relics and Curiosities  The Pinhoe Egg by Diana Wynne Jones  25-Sep-18
21-Sep-18 Diverse Voices  The Devotion of Suspect X vy Keigo Higashino 28-Sep-18
23-Sep-18 Murder Most Foul  Simple Genius by David Baldacci  01-Oct-18
25-Sep-18 Amateur Sleuth Saving Faith by David Baldacci  23-Sep-18
27-Sep-18 Genre: Suspense  The Woods by Harlan Coben  08-Sep-18
29-Sep-18 Supernatural  Unholy Grail by Anthony Horowitz 06-Oct-18
01-Oct-18 Ghost Story  No such square   
03-Oct-18 Doomsday  Day of Doom by David Baldacci 15-Sep-18
NA  Free square  Armada by Ernest Cline 04-Oct-18
05-Oct-18 Shifters   Not yet read  
07-Oct-18 13 Thirteen Days to Midnight by Patrick Carman  02-Sep-18
09-Oct-18 Terror in a Small Town  Zero Day by David Baldacci 01-Sep-18
11-Oct-18 Darkest London  Lethal White by J K Rowling 16-Oct-18
13-Oct-18 Gothic The New Watch Sergei Lukyanenko 31-Oct-18
15-Oct-18 Genre: Horror  Eight Rivers of Shadow leo hunt 12-Oct-18
17-Oct-18 Fear the Drowning Deep  Meg by Steve Alten  21-Sep-18
19-Oct-18 Spellbound The Width of the World by David Baldacci  23-Oct-18
21-Oct-18 Country House Mystery    Not yet read  
23-Oct-18 Dead Lands   Not yet read  
25-Oct-18 Romantic Suspense   No such square   
27-Oct-18 Slashers  No such square   
29-Oct-18 Modern Noire The Word is Murder by Anthony Horowitz 18-Oct-18
31-Oct-18 Baker Street Irregulars  South by Southeast by Anthony Horowitz 05-Sep-18



A graphic novel about the love of reading

Book Love - Debbie Tung

A book most readers here could relate. 


It makes me smile on how much similarity I have with the main character. 


A woman who like reading a lot and behave the way most readers would. She loves book, she loves reading books. And that how she spent most of her time. Adorable. 


Reading progress update: I've read 110 out of 416 pages.

New Watch - Sergei Lukyanenko

Anton met a boy on a plane that predict the plane is going to crash. He intervened and led the boy and his mother out of the plane. 


Another supernatural creature is at play. This create is nicknamed Tiger by one of the eye witness. 


He reported this to the boss and find out what to do with the boy. 


Very interesting read. Readable and it is more like detective police story with spells. 


Reading this for Gothic square.